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A large African monkey (Theropithecus gelada) of Ethiopia that resembles a baboon but has a bright patch of naked red skin on the chest and a large broad mane covering the shoulders. The gelada has an opposable thumb that it uses to gather grass seeds to eat. Also called gelada baboon.

[Amharic č̣əllada.]


(ˈdʒɛlədə; ˈɡɛl-; dʒɪˈlɑːdə; ɡɪ-)
(Animals) a NE African baboon, Theropithecus gelada, with dark brown hair forming a mane over the shoulders, a bare red chest, and a ridged muzzle: family Cercopithecidae. Also called: gelada baboon
[probably from Arabic qilādah mane]
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KEEPERS have an extra head to count in this year's census following the birth of a gelada baboon.
Here, to the delight of wildlife enthusiasts, are found three species that exist nowhere else in the world: the Walia ibex with its crescent-shaped horns; the Simien wolf; and the extremely rare gelada baboon.
The little gelada baboon got out by doing what zoo insiders described as a "fluke" back-flip over the electric fence in his enclosure.
The Simien Mountains National Park is registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site and is home to three endemic mammals: walia ibex, gelada baboon and simien fox.
There's all sorts of saucy footage here provided under the rubric of "education": cicada sex, gelada baboon boinking, red-sided garter snake orgies and the riflebird mating ritual, which is something virtually out of Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut.
A captivating anthropomorphism grips you as you observe the gelada baboon, a primate living in the Ethiopian highlands.
Sereba the Gelada baboon holds her new born baby at Colchester Zoo
Rare species which are unlikely to survive include the Ethiopian Gelada baboon, Australia's mountain pygmy opossum, the Mexican monarch butterfly and the Arctic spoon-billed sandpiper.
Matt added: "We're very grateful to Wood Wool UK for thinking of us again this year, following the birth of gelada baboon Billie.
They include the rare Gelada baboon in Ethiopia, the mountain pygmy possum of Australia, the monarch butterfly from Mexico and the spoon-billed sandpiper in Russia's Arctic Far East.
In the study, researchers looked at gut bacteria taken from people and from primates called gelada baboons, and found that bacteria fed with predigested grass produced a smaller amount of compounds called short-chain fatty acids, which trigger the production of appetite-reducing gut hormones, compared with the bacteria fed with predigested potatoes.
Among those featured in the calendar are Bornean orang utans, Rotschild giraffes, Gelada baboons, Stanley cranes - the national bird of South Africa - a rhinoceros and iguana.