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1. (Cookery) (in cookery) a jelly
2. (in cosmetics) a gel


(French ʒəle)
(Biography) Claude (klod). the original name of Claude Lorrain



a cosmetic gel.
[< French; see jelly]
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According to Ngugi wa Mbugua, a Director of EcoFarm and the project's promoter, steam enthusiasts across the world hold Mount Gelai in great esteem.
Within a few days we had walked more than 100km through the mountain ranges of Longido, Kitumbeine and Gelai.
Christie is set to go in the fourth and final heat and will face Canada's St Gelais, Korean Lee Eun-Byul and Veronique Pierron of France but for the Edinburgh-born student, just reaching the quarter-finals is a success in her view.
Lindsay powered through her heat, only coming second on a photo-finish to Canada's Marianne St Gelais.
Charles Hamelin won a chaotic men s 500m short-track skate and rushed to give medal-winning girlfriend Marianne St Gelais a passionate kiss.
The other male principals--Peter Blanchet (Caius), Hugues Saint Gelais (Bardolfo) and Brian McIntosh (Pistola)--were also in excellent form, supplying low comedy without overdoing it.
Gelais are recent additions Robert Luciano, National Account Manager for Home Depot and Lowe's, and David Levonick, National Account Manager for independent channel accounts, including Menards and home improvement retail in Canada.
Also, William Eliseo Elias Gonzalez, Timothy Roy Ellis, Logan Austin Everett, *Adelya Alisherovna Fatykhova, *Kayleigh Erin Fay, *Alexa Nicole Fearing, ***Taylor Michelle Fearing, Miguel Angel Fernandez, Alexander Scott Ferrecchia, Melissa Catherine Ferris, Cloves Rodrigues Freitas, William Charles Fuqua, Matthew Ross Furtado, Nathaly Margarita Gallardo, *Austin Martinelli Garvey, Samantha Mary Geagan, Georgia Barbosa Gelais, Marisa Michele Giglio, *Pamela Marie Gilchrest, **Martha Rose Gowaski, Cindy Elizabeth Gramajo Rodriguez, Perrie Elizabeth Gregg, Kyle Christopher Griffin, Stacy Lynn Grubbs, Sarah Mary Louise Guernelli, Jordan Thomas Hanahan, Franshelys Hernandez, Kristen Elaine Higgins, Joshua Adam Hill, *Stephanie Patricia Hill and Joseph Alan Hutchinson.