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1. (Cookery) (in cookery) a jelly
2. (in cosmetics) a gel


(French ʒəle)
(Biography) Claude (klod). the original name of Claude Lorrain



a cosmetic gel.
[< French; see jelly]
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With the game hanging in the balance at 3-3, Chanty Bongats RBI sent Sella Mendoza and Gelai Penales home to give the Lady Maroons a two-run advantage and never looked back to clinch the No.
GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP AWARD FOLLOWING talks between the pupils and staff of Biggar Primary School and its Tanzanian partners, a plan was agreed to provide an additional teacher for the Maasai children of Gelai Bomba School.
One of the largest British-built steam locomotives ever built, the Mount Gelai, first commissioned in 1955 and rusting away at the railway museum in Nairobi for 20 years, was recently lovingly brought back to life.
Within a few days we had walked more than 100km through the mountain ranges of Longido, Kitumbeine and Gelai.
Gelais succumbed to cancer within a few short days of hospitalization and left behind her wonderful family and four young and amazing children.
Gelais 2010), which may contribute to lower recruitment rates.
Gelais, who began stamping, machining, milling and fibricating metals as a 13-year-old in the family firm, brings 40 years of experience to the business he has shepherded from an 1,800-square foot shop to a 10,500square foot facility in the Lakes Business Park in Laconia, with 23 employees, where everyone goes by their lust name,
Charles Hamelin won a chaotic men s 500m short-track skate and rushed to give medal-winning girlfriend Marianne St Gelais a passionate kiss.
Lindsay, coached by former Olympic bronze medallist Nicky Gooch in Nottingham, won the start of her heat, getting to the opening corner in front and she stayed there until Canada's Marianne St Gelais just nudged her skate over the line first to take the victory to the delight of a raucous home crowd.
Lindsay powered through her heat, only coming second on a photo-finish to Canada's Marianne St Gelais.
And Lindsay, a European silver-medallist in the event in 2007, seemed set to hang on to her lead only for St Gelais to steal first in the final yards.
P20: << P: Je gelais ma facon de comprendre la vie, je la gelais, mais certaines, mon dieu, certaines parties de moi etaient gelees.