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 (jə-lä′tō, jĕ-)
n. pl. ge·la·ti (-tē)
An Italian ice cream or sorbet.

[Italian, from past participle of gelare, to freeze; see gelatin.]


n, pl -ti
(Cookery) Italian ice-cream
[C20: Italian, literally, frozen]
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We wandered around the town for a few hours soaking up the atmosphere and, despite the chill in the air, we had to stop off and sample some ice cream from the famous Jannetta's Gelateria.
Last year's Golden Cone winners Janettas Gelateria in the holiday hotspot St Andrews (as well as now also in Perth) have been making artisan gelato for over 100 years in all kinds of flavours from Scottish tablet to seaweed.
Dining options on board include an Italian gelateria and the Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar, while guests can enjoy "movies under the stars" on the pool-side screen on deck.
Whether it comes out of a gelateria (not necessarily in Italy), out of a Mr Whippy van (with plenty of red lipstick and a chocolate flake) or out of your freezer (you can't beat a Solero) to enjoy out your back garden we all love to cool down and have lots of LOLs with a LOLLY.
The company, which offers a full range of products and services for coffee shops and gelateria also recently opened a new 1000 square metre facility, which houses the offices, warehouse, training centre, and gelato production area.
Britannia, launching in March, will be very food-focused with a cooking school set up by James Martin, an Eric Lanlard patisserie, a charcuterie and gelateria, Sindhu restaurant by Atul Kochhar and wine specialist Olly Smith's Glass House bar.
We walk from Fisherman's Wharf on the harbour, with its fresh fish restaurants, then through the Italian district, which is resolutely al fresco, the gelateria all claiming to sell the best ice cream on the planet.
Don't forget to visit a gelateria and devour amazing flavours of gelatos
The company has proposed the first of a number of outlets for Jubail City by this year-end, after which it will open a second gelateria in Dammam City.
Bonus: for dessert on the town, try Gelateria dei Neri This small shop serves a wide variety of absolutely delicious gelato.
It offers the plethora of fruity and creamy flavors typical of a gelateria in the heart of Rome; in fact, that's exactly where shop owner and manager Zahi Jamous stumbled upon Flor.