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A pill that consists of medication coated with gelatin.

[gel(atine) cap(sule).]


(Pharmacology) a dose of medicine enclosed in a soluble case of gelatine
[C20: from gel(atine) + cap(sule)]
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The LT4 in Tirosint is contained in oil in a liquid gelcap with no dyes or fillers, differentiating it from all other brand name and generic products, Dr.
Study medication dosages with each meal were 30 mL Phoslyra (667 mg calcium acetate per 5 mL), six PhosLo Gelcaps (667 mg calcium acetate/Gelcap), and five-5 calcium citrate caplets (950 mg calcium citrate/caplet), resulting in a daily dose of 90 mL Phoslyra and 18 PhosLo Gelcaps.
Sandoz develops, produces, markets and distributes a wide array of oral, topical, rectal, ophthalmic, and injectable generic products in different formulations (suspension, solution, tablet, capsule, cream, ointment, suppository, gelcap, transdermal patches) and various presentations (ampoules, vials, bottles, mini bags).
In patients with MCS, I always try to use powders and liquids to decrease the chance of reaction to the makeup of the capsule, tablet, or gelcap.
Columbus, OH, for infringement of its PhosLo gelcap patent.
The company is also coming out with Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels with a reformulated gelcap to allow for the rapid release of the medicine when it is needed.
A speech-language pathologist sizes the puncture, and an appropriate prosthesis is selected and placed via the gelcap technique.
Placebo comprised beetroot powder in a gelcap and appeared identical.
Although most of these are derived from fish sources, it is possible to find ones that are derived from plant sources (mostly flax seeds), however these are mostly in gelcap form.
Without using any kind of dropper, the shopkeeper poured mercury from the jar into a gelcap, with almost as much mercury overflowing onto the counter, beading and rolling onto the floor.
4 mg promicellar gelcap or a marketed, generic version of Flexeril[R] 5 mg immediate release cyclobenzaprine.
The prosthesis was removed and the gelcap of a new in-dwelling catheter was placed under direct vision (figure, B).