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Well, if you really want to know, I got them from Gelder & Co.
We ordered three busts of that sort from Gelder & Co.
His reasons for destroying the busts were still unknown, and he refused to answer any questions upon the subject, but the police had discovered that these same busts might very well have been made by his own hands, since he was engaged in this class of work at the establishment of Gelder & Co.
Yes, gentlemen," said he, "it is the most famous pearl now existing in the world, and it has been my good fortune, by a connected chain of inductive reasoning, to trace it from the Prince of Colonna's bedroom at the Dacre Hotel, where it was lost, to the interior of this, the last of the six busts of Napoleon which were manufactured by Gelder & Co.
Through a cousin who works with Gelder, he found out the retail firms who had bought the busts.
SPRINGWELL TTC are making a late challenge to become champions of the Northumbria Summer League, being able to put out a strong team of Graeme Barella, Jim Stamas and Tony Gelder.
The monograph by Geert Jan van Gelder under review represents an important contribution to the study of the essential, yet greatly overlooked, subject of the phonic aspects of classical Arabic poetry.
The 30 members of the class of 2015 include Blake Bittick, Trevor Bjelke, Braydon Burk, Angel Butchas, Joshua Davis, Lilly Fawcett, Ace Garrison, Jenna Haines, Marissa Hall, Amanda Harris, James Henderson, Scott Kowalski, Trenton Marquart, Jessie Martin, Nicholas McElroy, Benny Montanez, Jason Moore, Elizabeth Olsen, Joshua Reed, Ronald Remund, Emillia Ribald, Ally Richard, Kira Shadden, Emma Strampe, Dakota Wagner, Crystal Young-Cooke, Shy'Ann Mordecai, Tymalyn Richmond and Katelynn Van Gelder.
Cousins Nathan Underhill, 22, of Upper Bryn Road, Connah's Quay, received 16 months and Daniel Gelder, 24, of Lon Celyn, Connah's Quay, got 15 months after they admitted assaulting Glynne Jones at the Red Hall pub in Connah's Quay back in February last year.
The school, in Chapelhouse Lane, Chelmsley Wood, has now announced that Darren Gelder will take over as the new principal.
New bride Grace Gelder should be able to answer that since she recently vowed to have and to hold herself until death do her part in a delightful country wedding in front of 50 friends.