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 (gĕl′dər-lănd′, KHĕl′dər-länt′)
A province and former duchy of east-central Netherlands. The duchy was formed in 1339 and passed to the Habsburgs in 1543. It became part of the Netherlands in 1579, although a portion was ceded to Prussia in the 1700s.


(ˈɡɛldəˌlænd; Dutch ˈxɛldərlɑnt) or


(Placename) a province of the E Netherlands: formerly a duchy, belonging successively to several different European powers. Capital: Arnhem. Pop: 1 960 000 (2003 est). Area: 5014 sq km (1955 sq miles). Also called: Guelders


(ˈgɛl dərˌlænd)

a province in E Netherlands. 1,783,610; 1965 sq. mi. (5090 sq. km). Cap.: Arnhem. Also called Guelders.
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I was able to invent names for my parents, whom I pretended to be obscure people in the province of Gelderland.
A low demand exists for environmental health professionals, leading to low intake rates for training in universities while the reality of environmental health problems indicates a high need does exist for trained professionals (Public Health Services, Gelderland, 2011).
Arnhem, the Netherlands:Public Health Services Gelderland Midden.
Rabbit Hill in Gelderland, Holland is set in acres of woodland with spacious lodges that sleep between four and eight people.
Before that, she is in Belgium on Sunday for the Ronde van Gelderland, having warmed up with second place in the two-day La Coppa Spagna behind Univega Raleigh Lifeforce team-mate Priska Doppman.
Arnhem is the main town of the province of Gelderland, a gentle landscape of heaths, woodland, farms and pretty villages.
The Raaf Bierbrouwerij, located near Nijmegen, Gelderland, was purchased by Allied Carlsberg, sold to Interbrew and shut down in 1993.
And so Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein of Gelderland is born.
Picking up a wandering, naked aspirant scribe (Paul Bettany - 'Chaucer's the name, writing's the game') with the gift of the gab and a bad-luck gambling streak, who forges the necessary documents to pass him off as one Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland, and a feminist blacksmith (Laura Fraser), whose designer armour bears a trademark uncannily like Nike's, it's off to the next big tournament.
4 million households and businesses in Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, and through its 50% share in A2000, also in Noord-Holland.
In the United States, Gelderland is distributed by Boston-based Design Link.
The Gupa Group closed its Weesp curing plant on Tuesday and moved the processing and packing operations to its newly acquired Scherpenzeel factory in the province of Gelderland.