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n.1.(Chem.) An amorphous, gummy carbohydrate, found in Gelidium, agar-agar, and other seaweeds.
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Westfield State 9, Fitchburg State 0; Fitchburg State 3, Westfield State 2: Donald Geloso went 3 for 4 and drove in two runs, including the winner in the bottom of the seventh inning, to give the Falcons (12-17) a win in the second game and earn a split with the visiting Owls (19-12) after only getting two hits in the opener.
Allo sguardo infantile e geloso di Pin, armi e donne ritornavano lontane e incomprensibili; quel che la mia filosofia esaltava, la mia poetica trasfigurava in apparizioni nemiche, il mio eccesso d'amore tingeva di disperazione infernale" (XXII).
Agents: Kevin Geloso, KG Properties; Andrew Torrey, Corcoran.
Nobilissime donne, la precedente novella mi tira a dovere similmente ragionar d'un geloso, estimando che cio che si fa loro dalla lor donna, e massimamente quando senza cagione ingelosiscono, esser ben fatto.
Hausman, Lee and Subramanian (2005) and Nordas, Pinali and Geloso Grosso (2006) consider logistics and shipping time.
MEDIA CONTACT: Lauren Geloso, Senior Associate Director of Public Relations, 914.
so he understood what I meant when I said: Di geloso amor sprezzato.
As a result, some of the ensemble singing provides the disc's most satisfying moments (listen, for example, to the delicious unaccompanied cadenzas in the the Act I duet, "Son geloso del zefiro").
1 includes settings of Ecco, o dolce, o gradita (by Alessandro Striggio, Pomponio Nenna); Se parti io moro (by Giuseppe Palazzotto e Tagliavia); Puo ben fortuna (by Paolo Bellasio); O sei geloso Amante (by Antonio Il Verso); Sorge la vagh'aurora (by Scipione Lacorcia); Cor mio, benche lontana (by Ruggiero Giovannelli); and Questa vostra pietate (by Giovanni de Macque, Giovanni Del Turco).
It was an old Geloso reel to reel model and, if you turn it on now, first a woman is heard speaking and kind of singing, then the same woman as if conversing by herself, and finally a voice, that could belong to Macedonio Fernandez, saying a few words.