sex segregation

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: segregation - the traditional Hindu or Muslim system of keeping women secluded
separatism, segregation - a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups
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Over the past few months, the world has once again been reminded of the gender apartheid long practiced in Iran - and of the bravery of Iranian women languishing under it.
The industry that helps shape our view of women has fallen into gender apartheid.
If American women do not vigorously oppose the gradually encroaching gender apartheid of Muslim women, little by little, they will lose their freedom too.
Offended but not broken by the gender apartheid imposed on them, they have dedicated themselves to the realization of the rights, obligations, and equal opportunities that our constitution provides to all Afghan citizens.
The current presidential race has underscored the intensity of the sexism and gender apartheid still rampant in America, while the coverage of the race has resurrected every sexist trope imaginable about a woman's ability to lead.
A letter addressed to Amnesty International's leadership, bearingthe signatures of400 organizations and individuals--including Lena Dunham, Angela Bassett, and a number of other Hollywood actors--said a policy of decriminalization "sides with buyers of sex, pimps, and other exploiters," and would lead to a "system of gender apartheid.
Identified by Milani as one of the first significant challenges to gender apartheid in Iran, Badasht "was a poignant moment that announced a challenge to the enforced spatial separation of men and women.
In Saudi Arabia, where programs targeting women and youth are restricted, Cultural Affairs Specialist Naimeh Hadidi built a nationwide network that fosters mission partnerships with women leaders, to support their efforts to battle gender apartheid.
The focus of the research was to identify the area of gender stereotyping and construction of gender roles creating gender apartheid picture in the textbooks.
Such oppressive conditions have led to widespread condemnation from the international community over its gender apartheid.
Let's not skirt around the issue just because accusations of gender apartheid and mock outrage will follow.

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