gender gap

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gender gap

A disproportionate difference, as in attitudes and voting preferences, between the sexes.

gen′der gap`

the difference between women and men in regard to social, political, economic, or other attainments or attitudes, or the problem perceived to exist because of such difference.
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I am specifically interested in how previous research investigated the effects of globalization on gender equality, the commitment of the social-democratic welfare regime to promoting women's labor force participation, women's advance in the labor market, the labor market as a means of attaining gender equality, and the foundation of gender inequality in market economies.
During the event, Aish and Abhi spoke about the gender inequality that still exists in society.
New Delhi, March 12 ( ANI ): Farhan Akhtar has vowed to spread awareness about gender inequality and rape through social media via his initiative M.
It believes that the key to overcoming gender inequality lies in equipping and empowering girls and young women to become agents of change themselves - impacting their homes, their communities, their countries and their world.
Jennet Kirkpatrick); and "Global Gender Inequality and the Empowerment of Women" (ed.
The 285 girls gathered at a special ceremony in Satara, India, as part of drive to fight discrimination and gender inequality.
This collection of articles critically assesses the degree to which gender inequality has been addressed in the work of development organisations.
Summary: Men are in for a rude awakening as a women-only audio blogging station has become one of Egypt's most popular censorship-free forums for women intent on tackling taboo issues of gender inequality and
Five Scottish academics contribute six chapters to a concise text reporting findings from a research funded by the Scottish Executive Education Department investigating gender inequality in Scottish schools.
The writer of this paper has found out there exists sexism or gender inequality in the Chinese high school EFL textbooks.
The book's contributors address historical and current examples of gender inequality in water production and consumption in communities ranging from Tanzania to Nepal.
In particular, reducing maternal mortality cannot be achieved in isolation from the broader issue of gender inequality.

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