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Noun1.gender role - the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness; "your gender role is the public expression of your gender identity"
role - normal or customary activity of a person in a particular social setting; "what is your role on the team?"
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1) Consistent with the evidence of a gender difference in risk aversion, Ball, Eckel, and Heracleous (2010), Daruvala (2007), Eckel and Grossman (2008, EG hereafter), Grossman and Lugovskyy (2011), and Siegrist, Cvetkovich, and Gutscher (2002) report evidence suggesting that women are perceived to be more risk averse than men; when predicting the risk choices of others, experiment subjects apply the gender stereotype.
Significantly, the gender stereotype 'males are better in physics' contributed positively to males' self-efficacy and negatively to females' self-efficacy in physics.
Thus, individual differences in subscription of stereotypical beliefs are likely to moderate responses to gender stereotype activation (Lepore and Brown, 1997).
concerns are based on a gender stereotype, namely, that athletes need to
Despite the nature of their errors, most participants were completely unaware of the gender stereotype theme of the word lists.
As long as employees do their jobs well and fulfill their employers' requirements, normally they should not have to conform to a specific gender stereotype at work, says Maria Greco Danaher, a shareholder at Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart.
Supreme Court precedent holding that a woman who was denied partnership in an accounting firm because she did not match a gender stereotype could sue under Title VII.
LAST week, I succumbed to an age-old gender stereotype when I followed my sat nav, got lost three times, then misjudged the gate post on my return leading to an interesting paint feature on the wing of my jalopy.
She also attacked schools for taking the "lazy" option of finding work experience placements for pupils that reinforce gender stereotypes.
The exhibition, which launched on Saturday, also aims to challenge ingrained gender stereotypes.
GENDER stereotypes may be turning girls off careers in maths and science, according to an international study.
There are many different types of stereotypes including racial, cultural, caste, ethnic and gender stereotypes.