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Adj.1.genealogic - of or relating to genealogy; "genealogical records"
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As Weinbaum demonstrates, Freud's incorporation of Yiddish-inflected German and genealogic metaphor implicated Jewishness, and might have been used to further demonize Jewish males in a nineteenth-century European context.
These genealogic data show that the word appeared not only to qualify an already established social practice, but also to testify a change: with the discovery of gold, with the need to protect the frontiers (after the Madrid Treatise), defend the commerce routes, and with pousos becoming object of attention from the power.
10) The proper clinical and genealogic analysis is important for the determination of the genetic risk and prognosis for their relatives of the proband.
He defines here the approach as being analytical and (in the second chapter) he lays stress on the crucial importance of genealogic or "family lines" --i.
In the longest of the introduction's seven sections, "Bibliander's Linguistic Theology," the editors whittle the work down to its core elements: De ratione uses a "system of genealogic branching with Hebrew as its starting point" (XXII), and this "quest for a common 'principle'--in the sense of shared rules or a common structure for all languages--led consequently to the question of the hidden unity of all religions in shared basic convictions" (XXIV).
Furthermore, still in the case of Diomedes, what else prompts to respect his enemy is the bound of xenia that he discovers existed with one another, through the genealogic 'report' given by Glaukos.
Since the 1970s the discussion on the computerized classification of variants according to genealogic or statistic principles has not yet found such solutions which would make it possible to produce autonomous systems capable of replacing the editor's work completely.
There are maps of the city based on the quartermaster's records, a note on usage, and appendixes, which include genealogic tables, a list of abbreviations, notes, and works cited.
By using a frantic style, the author describes the character's struggling to obtain a positive result and jotting down a sort of genealogic tree in order to ease her mind from the anxiety that impedes her in the arithmetical operation.

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