General American

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Gen′eral Amer′ican

any of various forms of American English popularly thought to reflect few regional peculiarities: usu. including the speech of all parts of the U.S. except the South (the Southern and southern Midland dialects), E New England, and the New York City area.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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The board of directors of General American Investors company, Inc.
General American Investors Company Inc (GAM), a closed-end investment company, has declared a dividend and distribution of USD0.
General American Investors, one of the nation's oldest closed-fund investment companies, has moved from 450 Lexington Avenue to 100 Park Avenue, after Aragon Construction completed a full-floor build-out to their new 35th floor location.
Turns out, though, that the "we" Hirsh refers to in no way coincides with the general American populace.
He was inspired by the lack of appreciation from the general American public for the servicemen and our involvement there,'' Marshall said.
NEW YORK -- The Board of Directors of General American Investors Company, Inc.
General American Investors Company Inc's GAM) (NYSE:GAM Pr B) board of directors renewed authorisation for the repurchase of 604,687 outstanding shares of 5.
a provider of real estate information research and report generation services for the title and mortgage servicing industries, announced the successful completion of a joint effort to integrate its property data into General American Corporation's GATORS settlement services tracking system.
Eichner, who since February has been president of GenAmerica subsidiary General American Life Insurance Co.
NEW YORK -- At a Directors' meeting held today, Spencer Davidson announced his intention to retire as Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager of General American Investors Company, Inc.
State insurance regulators are trying to gauge the suitability of insurers issuing instruments such as guaranteed investment contracts, a concern that took on new urgency last year when General American Life Insurance Co.

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