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also Soe·har·to (so͞o-här′tō) 1921—2008.
Indonesian military and political leader who seized power in 1967 and was elected president in 1968. He resigned under pressure in 1998 following an economic crisis.


(Biography) T. N. J. 1921–2008, Indonesian general and statesman; president (1968–98)


(suˈhɑr toʊ)

Raden, born 1921, president of Indonesia 1968–98.
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Noun1.Suharto - Indonesian statesman who seized power from Sukarno in 1967 (born in 1921)
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1967 - General Suharto is sworn in as acting president of Indonesia.
Consider: without the late General Suharto, with all his many faults, a nation left behind as recklessly as Indonesia was by the Dutch when they scampered back to their dykes could not possibly have been held together except by authoritarian will a whether of the left or the right.
In Indonesia, in 1965, a military coup that could have installed a communist government during Sukarno's presidency led to a daring rescue undertaken by General Suharto to prop up Sukarno's last years as president.
Department of State documents which reveal how the United States intentionally ignored - for its own socio-political benefit - the 1965-1966 Indonesian mass massacres of Communist Party (PKI) members and associates, civil society leaders, trade unionists and innocent by-standers which led to the installation of the American puppet regime of General Suharto in early 1966.
Thailand floated the baht in July 1997 and triggered the Asian currency and banking meltdown that culminated in anti-Chinese programmes in Jakarta and the fall of the General Suharto regime.
But Thatcher's death should not be taken as an opportunity to whitewash the damage she left behind, whether it was deeply partisan bickering with the miners or the staunch friendship she offered to some rather nasty characters with names like Augusto Pinochet, Saddam Hussein and General Suharto.
Among other known state guests were President of Republic of Indonesia General Suharto who planted a Chir Pine in 1980, Head of State of Turkey General Kehan Evern in 1981, Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Bin Mohammad planted Chir Pine in 1984, President of Socialist Republic of Romania Nicolae Ceausescu planted a Chir Pine in 1984, and the ruler of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who planted a Chir Pine in 1987.
Britain lent Indonesia more than Au630m to pay for British arms provided to General Suharto at a time when he was repressing protests.
His victory was largely based on a campaign to root out entrenched corruption and nepotism following the 32-year dictatorship of General Suharto.
Second, that the Kennedy and Johnson administrations shared with many Indonesian officials a commitment to military-led economic and political development that heightened with the coming to power of General Suharto in 1966.
General Suharto, who ruled Indonesia with an iron fist for 32 years, died in hospital aged 86 with his family around him.
Does Mr Bell really wish his pension to be invested with companies that have sold arms to Saddam Hussein, General Suharto and General Pinochet, regimes that butchered hundreds of thousands of people?

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