General dealer

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(Com.) a shopkeeper who deals in all articles in common use.

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His father, John Shakspere, who was a general dealer in agricultural products and other commodities, was one of the chief citizens of the village, and during his son's childhood was chosen an alderman and shortly after mayor, as we should call it.
Cilla attended Throckley Council School, and once she finished her studies, combined looking after her mother with a part-time job at a general dealer called Tom Moore's.
Walker Timber is one of the Huddersfield area's longest established businesses and has been a family run concern since it started in the 1930s as a general dealer.
We are excited to be releasing this product to the general dealer community.
At auction, or bought privately, they will of course cost you less - I paid 70p each for them myself from a general dealer at an antiques fair in Llandeilo.
He is developing sales objectives, providing training on Liebherr products, coordinating marketing strategies and providing general dealer support.
Nittinger will develop sales objectives, provide training on Liebherr products, coordinate marketing strategies and provide general dealer support.
Three plastic chairs have been placed outside the general dealer where she works - one marked for Tony on the left, one marked for George on the right but the middle seat reserved for Ronnie, a local character who goes under the nickname Greengrass.
At the Bilston Police Court yesterday, Edward Whalin, 17, a resident in a lodging house in Oxford Street, Bilston, was sentenced to 21 days hard labour for stealing a brush from the shop-door of S Gaunt, general dealer, in that thoroughfare.
The village's decline is a continuing post-Second World War trend which has seen a general dealer on Bridge Street close followed by the Co-op store, two butchers, two garages, a gift shop, two hotels and more.
A shop worker at grocery store Sheila's General Dealer said the area was "built on steel" adding: "It would be devastating to the community if there was to be job losses, because really, it's one of the main employers.
Other businesses existed in the locality including Macks' fish shop, Diducca's ice cream shop and a general dealer called Mr Lindsey who lived on the Lindsay Street/Elliott Street corner.

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