General hospitals

(Mil.) hospitals established to receive sick and wounded sent from the field hospitals.
- Farrow.

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As he lay in the Massachusetts General Hospital, he wrote a cry for help to the embattled little company that was making its desperate fight to protect his patents.
Critics contend that specialty hospitals siphon off the most profitable procedures and patient cases, thus eroding the financial health of neighboring general hospitals and impairing their ability to provide emergency care and other essential community services.
Although general hospitals typically have more beds than specialty hospitals, the focused mission of specialty hospitals often resulted in their treating more patients in their given fields of specialization.
The technically simple product is expected to extend cardiac support capability well beyond existing transplant and specialized cardiac centers to treat the much greater number of patients that present with heart failure at general hospitals.
Ronald Kirshner, Chief of Cardiac Services and Cardiothoracic Surgery at Rochester General Hospital.
Tenet is a significant provider of hospital services in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, with seven general hospitals, 2,600 in-patient beds, 2,850 affiliated physicians, 6,100 employees and an annual payroll in the two counties of almost $400 million.
As a result of the proliferation of specialty hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and outpatient clinics, general hospitals accuse those outpatient-oriented businesses of taking the most profitable services from community hospitals by siphoning away high-reimbursement patients.
As a general statement, specialty hospitals tended to perform about as well as general hospitals on their Medicare inpatient business.
Eurotherm(R), a unit of Invensys(R) plc and a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instrumentation for the process control and data acquisition industries, has supplied a blood monitoring system to the West Dorset General Hospitals NHS Trust (United Kingdom).
5 million lives, 168 clinical trials and CQI+ outcomes measurement system contracts, and 115 mental health and 23 physical rehabilitation management contracts with general hospitals in 34 states.
The following table lists the 127 general hospitals owed or operated by Tenet through its subsidiaries at January 30, 1997.
amp; BURGESS HILL, United Kingdom -- Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare information technology, is pleased to announce that West Dorset General Hospital NHS Trust is in live production with CoPathPlus(TM) from Misys(TM), the market leading anatomic pathology module.

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