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Then I brought them out all my store of tools, and gave every man a digging-spade, a shovel, and a rake, for we had no barrows or ploughs; and to every separate place a pickaxe, a crow, a broad axe, and a saw; always appointing, that as often as any were broken or worn out, they should be supplied without grudging out of the general stores that I left behind.
By obtaining control of a certain up-country bank, two general stores, and several logging camps, he could come into control of a certain dinky jerkwater line which shall here be nameless, but which, in his hands, would prove the key to a vastly larger situation involving more main-line mileage almost than there were spikes in the aforesaid dinky jerkwater.
The bulk of Adolf's perquisites consisted of the tips he received for going to the general store down the road for tobacco, stamps, and so on.
ALL general stores will remain closed on Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, January 2 and January 6, according to an announcement by the Labour ministry.
By all accounts; general stores and community life in Texas and Indian Territory.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 30, 2011-American Realty Capital Trust III reports acquisition of five Dollar General stores and two Walgreens pharmacies(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Country: USA, Sector: Wholesale/RetailTarget: Up to 44 Kabredlo's storesBuyer: Caseya[euro](tm)s General Stores IncVendor: Kabredlo's Convenience Store IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
GOJAR KHAN, May 14, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Health Officer Gojar Khan Zafar Iqbal Awan conducted raid at the general stores and restaurants located in Mandra Gojar Khan and checked cleanliness system.
RETAIL: Convenience Store: One of the best - known landmark convenience / general stores in lake resort area.
Four men are currently remanded in custody charged with his murder, the attempted murder of his father Ken, who was shot in the leg, and attempted robbery at Fairfield General Stores on January 9.
Four men were remanded in custody at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday charged with his murder, the attempted murder of his father Ken and attempted robbery at Fairfield General Stores.
HUBBARDSTON - General stores conjure up images of penny candy, checkers games and the simplicity of a bygone era for many people.