General warrant

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(Law) a warrant, now illegal, to apprehend suspected persons, without naming individuals.
- Burrill.
(Law) See under General.

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It followed that any warrant to sift through documents is a general warrant, even if it is specific to the location of the trove and the item to be seized.
127) Like a specific warrant, which is like our current warrant allowing law enforcement officials to search a specific person or place, a general warrant provided the necessary authority to search a citizen's property, such as a home or shipped goods.
Walter, as town procurement officer, questioned two items slated for general warrant approval in a memo to board Chairman Jason M.
53) As another commentator observes, much like the general warrant, "[t]he odious features of writs of assistance were the unbridled discretion given public officials to choose targets of the searches," and "the arbitrary invasion of homes and offices to execute the writs.
would have issued nothing less than an unconstitutional general warrant.
into a general warrant because it authorized the search of all items on
The general warrant named a crime but no suspect, empowering the king's messengers, as the royal police were called, to round up anyone they pleased and seize anything that might be useful as evidence.
While relatively brief, the language repudiates the concept of a general warrant, requiring the existence of probable cause and a particularized description of the things to seize and the place to search.
A general warrant was issued by the secretary of state, pursuant to which Wilkes' house was ransacked and all his private papers seized.
Instead, the Company has been granted an exemption by the UST from the general warrant issuance requirements of the Capital Purchase Program because of its certification by the Community Development Financial Institution Fund as a Community Development Financial Institution.
Beyond the general warrant concern, the bulk telephony metadata program digitally trespasses on the private lives of U.