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n. pl. gen·er·al·is·si·mos
The commander in chief of all the armed forces in certain countries.

[Italian, superlative of generale, a general, from Latin generālis, general; see general.]


(ˌdʒɛnərəˈlɪsɪˌməʊ; ˌdʒɛnrə-)
n, pl -mos
(Military) a supreme commander of combined military, naval, and air forces, esp one who wields political as well as military power
[C17: from Italian, superlative of generale general]


(ˌdʒɛn ər əˈlɪs əˌmoʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
(in certain countries) the supreme commander of the armed forces.
[1615–25; < Italian, superlative of generale general]
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Noun1.generalissimo - the officer who holds the supreme command; "in the U.S. the president is the commander in chief"
commandant, commander, commanding officer - an officer in command of a military unit


[ˌdʒenərəˈlɪsɪməʊ] Ngeneralísimo m


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Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, often referred to as generalissimus (supreme military commander of a state) and dux (duke) in the diplomatic documents of his time, made a swift transition from rebel chief to successful military commander, ruler of occupied territories and ultimately, ruler of a new state.
und sein Generalissimus Joachim Lutkemann," in Matthias Meinhardt, Ulrike Gleixner, Martin H.
In the mean time we have Advice from the Frontiers, of the great preparations of the Ottomans, and we are not behind hand on this side; the Czar will have several Armies in the Field, to be commanded by Kneas Goletsini as Generalissimus.