Genesee River

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Gen·e·see River

 (jĕn′ĭ-sē′, jĕn′ĭ-sē′)
A river rising in northern Pennsylvania and flowing about 250 km (155 mi) generally northward across western New York to Lake Ontario.
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Gennessee = Genesee River, which flows north through central New York State to Lake Ontario--at the time of Cooper's story it was still on the frontier of settlement}
On Sunday evening, the Rochester police confirmed they found the body matching the description of Rowe in the Genesee River.
Cuomo today announced $50 million for the "ROC The Riverway" initiative to transform the Genesee River and unlock the potential of Rochester's waterfront.
Late last month Gannett's Democrat and Chronicle of upstate New York said it had signed a lease for 40,000 square feet over two floors in an addition to be built on an existing building about a half-mile away, on the other side of the Genesee River.
Graciously lined by the Genesee River in a meander of curves, coils and loops, as it traverses two counties, Letchworth State Park covers 14,350 acres of lush forests, dramatic waterfalls and canyons.
At least on the map, the Genesee River dominates the city and region of Rochester, New York, as it cuts northward to bisect downtown before entering a deep gorge and joining its waters to Lake Ontario (see Figure 1).
Eastman Kodak manufactured cellulose nitrate film at Rochester, NY by dissolving silver bars in nitric acid, drawing clean water from Lake Ontario and pumping the dirty stuff into the Genesee River.
September found Yeo and Chauncey fighting actions off the mouth of the Genesee River and again off Burlington, which left Yeo's flag ship, the HMS Wolfe, badly damaged by the General Pike.
But four months later his corpse was found in the Genesee River.
In New York State, the cobblestone tiger beetle is presently known to occur along the Genesee River in the Lake Ontario watershed and Cattaraugus Creek in the Lake Erie watershed (NatureServe, 2009; New York Natural Heritage Program, 2010).
THIS is a fascinating look inside the mind of serial killer Arthur Shawcross, who terrorised New York State from 1972 to 1990, murdering 13 people as the Genesee River Killer.
Certainly, volume has slackened -- Scofield sold 120 homes in 2007, versus 150 at the market's 2005 height, he said -- but values are climbing 3 percent a year in the upper-scale communities east of the Genesee River, such as Pittsford, Henrietta and Victor.

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