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In the current research, genetic diversity of Iranian Adani dairy goat was assessed utilizing pedigree analysis.
Kuwari noted that one of the projects carried out by the Genetic Resources Department in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the project 'Enrichment of Genetic Diversity and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources of Qatar using Nuclear Techniques and Related Technologies'.
In order to evaluate the genetic diversity and population structure for the conservation and management of sables (Martes zibellina), we developed six microsatellite markers using a method of fast isolation by AFLP of sequences containing repeats (FIASCO) from them in this study.
Alberto said, We have characterized a lot of genetic diversity of giant kelp.
Over the last decades, the studies have been focused on spawning and larval rearing (Morton, 1980; Belda and Del Norte, 1988; Chaitanawisuti and Menasveta, 1992), growth and reproduction (Del Norte, 1988), population ecology (Mcduff, 2001) and genetic diversity (Mahidol et al.
AMOVA shows that 8 % of the genetic diversity was attributed to differences among the populations while 92 % of the variation (significant at p = 0.
They cover genetic diversity issues in animal populations in the genomic era, defining genetic diversity based on genomic tools, genomic diversity in the domestication process, tracing domestication and selection in animal genomes, managing genetic diversity including genomic selection in small in vivo populations, managing cryo-collections with genomic tools, and dog breeds: towards the genomic management of populations with a high incidence of genetic defects.
The knowledge of genetic diversity has provided a good opportunity for plant breeders, to develop superior crop cultivar with desirable property which is quit suitable for both farmer, consumers, traders for commercial purpose and to Secure food consumption (Narain, 2000).
Now a new set of maps reveals the global distribution of genetic diversity.
Therefore, the quantification of genetic diversity, inbreeding, and the existence of spatial genetic structure in species populations helps us to determine measures needed for genetic conservation by informing ways to maximize the genetic diversity in seed collection strategies for ex situ conservation programs, breeding, and recovery of degraded areas, as well as identify minimum areas for in situ conservation (Sebbenn et al.
Hit by a loss in genetic diversity, mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California now face a 99.
The useful genetic variation in North Dakota State University Corn Breeding Program could be potential source of new genes for improving genetic diversity in these regions.