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also ge·ni·za (gə-nē′zä′, gə-nē′zə)
n. pl. ge·ni·zoth (-nē′zōth′) or ge·ni·zot (-nē′zōt′, -nē′zōs′) also ge·ni·zahs or ge·ni·zas
A repository in a synagogue where worn-out or desecrated sacred texts or objects are stored.

[Medieval Hebrew gənîzâ, from Mishnaic Hebrew, hiding, storage, verbal noun of gānaz, to hide, from Aramaic gənaz, denominative verb from Aramaic ginzā, ganzā, treasure, treasury, of Iranian origin; akin to Middle Persian ganǰ, treasure.]


n, pl genizahs or genizoth (ɡɛˈniːzəθ)
(Judaism) Judaism a repository (usually in a synagogue) for books and other sacred objects which can no longer be used but which may not be destroyed
[C19: from Hebrew, literally: a hiding place, from gānaz to hide, set aside]
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