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also ge·ni·za (gə-nē′zä′, gə-nē′zə)
n. pl. ge·ni·zoth (-nē′zōth′) or ge·ni·zot (-nē′zōt′, -nē′zōs′) also ge·ni·zahs or ge·ni·zas
A repository in a synagogue where worn-out or desecrated sacred texts or objects are stored.

[Medieval Hebrew gənîzâ, from Mishnaic Hebrew, hiding, storage, verbal noun of gānaz, to hide, from Aramaic gənaz, denominative verb from Aramaic ginzā, ganzā, treasure, treasury, of Iranian origin; akin to Middle Persian ganǰ, treasure.]


n, pl genizahs or genizoth (ɡɛˈniːzəθ)
(Judaism) Judaism a repository (usually in a synagogue) for books and other sacred objects which can no longer be used but which may not be destroyed
[C19: from Hebrew, literally: a hiding place, from gānaz to hide, set aside]
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Among specific topics are the anatomy of non-biblical scrolls from the Cairo Geniza, the history of editing pre-modern Yiddish manuscript texts, Johannes Reuchlin's collection of Hebrew books: its afterlife and influence, building a bridge from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Medieval Hebrew manuscripts, and pictorial messages in Medieval illuminated Hebrew books: some methodological considerations.
The synagogue had also included a room for reciting the Torah verses by religious students and a room for documents of a geniza (a storage area in a synagogue or Jewish cemetery for worn-out Hebrew-language books and papers, particularly papers bear the name of God),while the guard room was located in the eastern south area.
En Geniza, un sitio donde las sinagogas atesoraban los libros antiguos, existen evidencias de seis generaciones judias que heredaron el titulo de anshei kivrei avot (guardian de la tumba de los patriarcas) y que tenian la custodia de ese espacio judio sagrado.
CRESWELL - Oregon golfer Kevin Geniza shot 4-under-par 68 to move into a tie for the lead after the second round of the OGA Men's Stroke Play Championship golf tournament on Saturday at Emerald Valley Golf & Resort.
Very few, if any, living scholars can claim expertise in the literature of late Hellenistic and Roman Qumran, in Judaeo-Arabic research founded on texts from the Geniza of early Islamic Cairo, as well as in the Jewish communities in the faraway regions of Normandy and Rouen in northwestern France during the period of the First Crusade.
We know from Cairo Geniza documents that somebody was lending out a section of the 1,001 Nights in installments, so it was something that people would borrow to read.
The collection, known as the "Afghan Geniza," consists of some 250 documents from the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, before the Mongol invasion began.
Shohat's indispensable essay "Taboo Memories: Columbus, Palestine, and the Arab-Jews," in which Columbus and the indigenous of the Americas are complexly associated with the confiscation of the Cairo Geniza documents and with Zionism, is exemplary in its decolonial analysis of racial states, diasporic framing of nations, and emphasis on the global circulation of colonialities.
For Panino's Geniza scored 26 points, Roxas had 22 M.
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Muslims were reluctant to throw copies of the Quran away when they aged, and the room was used as a geniza or storage for codex books that were falling apart.