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also ge·ni·za (gə-nē′zä′, gə-nē′zə)
n. pl. ge·ni·zoth (-nē′zōth′) or ge·ni·zot (-nē′zōt′, -nē′zōs′) also ge·ni·zahs or ge·ni·zas
A repository in a synagogue where worn-out or desecrated sacred texts or objects are stored.

[Medieval Hebrew gənîzâ, from Mishnaic Hebrew, hiding, storage, verbal noun of gānaz, to hide, from Aramaic gənaz, denominative verb from Aramaic ginzā, ganzā, treasure, treasury, of Iranian origin; akin to Middle Persian ganǰ, treasure.]


n, pl genizahs or genizoth (ɡɛˈniːzəθ)
(Judaism) Judaism a repository (usually in a synagogue) for books and other sacred objects which can no longer be used but which may not be destroyed
[C19: from Hebrew, literally: a hiding place, from gānaz to hide, set aside]
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Calaunan top-scored with 28 points for Khalidia Tambayz and was adjudged as PEAK Sodas Sports Best Player of the game while Geniza led Avengers with 27 points.
Muslims were reluctant to throw copies of the Quran away when they aged, and the room was used as a geniza or storage for codex books that were falling apart.
The provenance, date, and features of the documents under study are remarkably similar to the Cairo Geniza, and there is scope here for a fascinating comparative study.
Crescent Valley won the team title with a score of 335, led by a 1-over 73 from Kevin Geniza.
In conveying all this, Schama's writing is at turns wry, sly and lavish, tumbling over itself much in the way that he describes the tens of thousands of documents and fragments of documents found in the Cairo Geniza, and yet often turning agonizingly spare in the face of the terrors that came--and they did come, over and over again.
It was also the site of the remarkable 19th-century discovery of the Cairo Geniza, an invaluable cache of texts considered to be the most important source for understanding daily religious, communal and intellectual life around the Mediterranean during the medieval period.
Two other unifying factors recur throughout: data from the Cairo Geniza, and the pervasive influence of historian S.
While being renovated in 1892, the Geniza, which dates back to the Middle Ages, was discovered.
CDATA[ The writings by Jews from the period of the Cairo Geniza use a specific term- sinauth- to refer to hostility from local Muslims towards Jews.
Some texts found in the Cairo Geniza, known as jarcha, are a short idiomatic Romance dialect response append ed at the end of a muwashsha, a poem in Arabic or Hebrew.
The papers on Jewish charity are all based on the records found in the Cairo Geniza.
Experiments are being conducted on degraded documents from sources such as the Cairo Geniza, copies of which are located at the national liturgy project at BGU, the El-Aqsa manuscript library in Jerusalem and the Al-Azar manuscript library in Cairo.