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 (jĕn′ō-grăm′, jē′nō-)
A genealogical diagram that indicates the medical histories of the members of a given individual's family, usually over several generations.

[Probably from gen(eration) + -o- + -gram.]


(ˈdʒɛnəˌɡræm; ˈdʒiːnə-)
(Psychoanalysis) an expanded family tree used to detect patterns of behaviour


n. genograma, diagrama geneológico sobre la historia médica de varias generaciones de la familia del paciente.
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1) defined a genogram as "a format for drawing a family tree that records information about family members and their relationships over at least three generations.
La recogida de datos utilizo: 1) el Genogram (Bowen, 1978), 2) el Family's Ecomap [eco-mapa de la familia] (Hartman, 1978a), 3) el Social Support Questionnaire [cuestionario sobre el apoyo social] (Sarason, Sarason, Sherin y Pierce, 1987), y 4) entrevistas semi-estructuradas.
Students usually appreciate genogram activity, because it invites them to talk about a system that is important to them.
For the parolees, the first interview schedule consisted of 129 quantitative and qualitative questions and a genogram, while the second and third interview schedules had 79 questions.
One student brought in his family's genogram and shared with the class how his great-grandparents emigrated from another country after being held prisoner during the World War because of their beliefs.
4-8, "Healing Family Relationships," includes the study of family genogram and the ways to break family patterns of dysfunction, unhealthy relationships, intimacy, family definitions of anger, breaking family secrets, healing of abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, loss of a child, and healing of memories.
OUTCOMES MEASURED General features of family history-taking were recorded, including presence of a family history and date when recorded, evidence of updated family history data, and presence of a genogram.
The genogram provides information such as family support and family history of domestic violence, substance abuse and criminal history, and highlights the possible generational transmission of criminogenic role modeling and substance abuse.
Similar to the traditional genogram, which gathers information on the basic structure of the family, the demographics, the functioning level, and the relationship among members of the family of origin, the cultural genogram takes this process a step further by including the extended and unrelated family members (e.
But think about some young person in a shrink's office 100 years from now who does a genogram and says, 'We were a dysfunctional family tree until Uncle John or Aunt Sally started a new theme of whole people doing the best they can.
Like a regular genogram, a career genogram describes the individual's family tree.
Widely used by both family therapists and family physicians, the genogram is a graphic way of organizing the mass of information gathered during a family assessment and finding patterns in the family system.