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 (jĕn′ō-grăm′, jē′nō-)
A genealogical diagram that indicates the medical histories of the members of a given individual's family, usually over several generations.

[Probably from gen(eration) + -o- + -gram.]


(ˈdʒɛnəˌɡræm; ˈdʒiːnə-)
(Psychoanalysis) an expanded family tree used to detect patterns of behaviour


n. genograma, diagrama geneológico sobre la historia médica de varias generaciones de la familia del paciente.
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A well-prepared mitigation file will include identification of all key members of the client's social network, genogram, life chronology with sources identified, and brief research papers about key issues in the case (for example, toxic exposure in utero, complex posttraumatic stress disorder), at a minimum.
Biographical data: A detailed genogram of the selected family including all significant family members, even if not residing in the same home, for example, grandparents, aunts and uncles.
One intervention suggested by the clinical supervisor is to assemble a genogram with the family, to determine the importance of this loss to each family member and gain a sense of the underlying family dynamics and relationships.
1999: 10), the following are given as examples: "the miracle-question in solution-based therapy; the use of the genogram in Bowen-oriented family therapy; hypnosis; systematic desensitization; biofeedback; transference interpretations".
After delineation of the basic family system in accordance with standard genogram conventions, color coding is used to provide a graphic "color snapshot" of the overall spiritual composition of the family system (for example, red might symbolize traditional Native spirituality, black the Native American Church).
The genogram technique: A therapeutic tool for the career counsellor.
Learn three simple, practical and yet powerful tools: Genogram development and its practical application, Bert Heilinger's systemic psychology and constellation work.
For example, Rigazio-DiGilio, Ivey, Grady, & Kunkler-Peck (2005) describe having students construct a family genogram as an effective counseling strategy that allows exploration of cultural/family rituals, expectations, beliefs, and values.
Taking a detailed family history and constructing a genogram can give useful information in screening for alcohol abuse or dependence.