a.1.Having a kind or gentle disposition.
References in classic literature ?
Our gentle-hearted Captain felt a guilty shock as he looked at her.
Augusta Garrick has proven that her helpful and gentle-hearted ways don't make her a bad pirate.
She told the Irish Mirror: "Bernard was the most gentle-hearted, kindest, loving human you could ever meet.
Although 800 words is primarily a gentle-hearted drama, it is recommended for older teen or adult audiences due to some coarse language, nudity, and sexual situations.
Goodness really is its own reward, says Norwich's gentle-hearted book.
Another gentle-hearted mother explained how she kept advising her son daily on how to make new friends - and even went to school to check if he was OK - when he came home each day complaining bitterly about how his friends at school were excluding him from playing with them during lunch break.
I FIRST HEARD about singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart from the visual artist Camille Rose Garcia, who said his gentle-hearted folk songs "pulled me out of my gloom.
Cast as David Healy, he made a name for himself as the softly spoken, gentle-hearted, and mostly put upon boyfriend of acerbic Darlene Conner.
Adults who might legitimately prefer Jacques Tati's gentle-hearted "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday" should remember that with Bean, comedy derives from the fact that the hero is far from gentle; he asserts his supposed superiority in every scene.
Jim Jacobs, who joined producer David Ian and director Kathleen Marshall to judge You're the One That I Want, and Warren Casey, who died of AIDS complications in 1988, had written a sharply observed but gentle-hearted parody of the music and mores they--and I, and several million other baby-boomers--had grown up with.
Based around the music of Patty Griffin and remarkably in tune with the singer-songwriter's soulfully melancholy style, this gentle-hearted road romance about two luckless losers yearning for stability is as tender and mellow as "Spring Awakening" is bristling with nervous energy.
Painting the eponymous hero as a sweet, gentle-hearted wimp and Rasputia as a monster, Norbit declares its intentions from the sickly opening frames.