Gentleman usher

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one who ushers visitors into the presence of a sovereign, etc.

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A Keeper of the Archives B Gentleman Usher C Superintendent of the State Apartments D Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Vanilla is obtained from a species of which plant?
Ahead of them was a procession dignitaries, including Alastair Bruce Crionaich, who goes by the title Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary, and her servant, the Gentleman Usher the Black Rod, Lieutenant General David Leakey, Black Rod for short.
The absence of any scene depicting Lady Furnifall's drunkenness might be noteworthy irrespective of the play's authorship; but the ancilliary claim that this very scene was adapted for use in The Gentleman Usher, where Corteza is the inebriated character, clearly implicates Chapman, for he is the author named upon the title page of that play.
He retired from the RAF in 1984 and, the following year, was appointed Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod and Secretary to the Lord Great Chamberlain, staying in these positions for the next seven years.
I envisage the scene - a gentleman usher in knee breaches grabbing me by the shoulder and force marching me out of the enclosure with the admonishment: "Be gone with you.
Hence his quip at the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, otherwise known as the Sovereign's messenger boy, as this mighty official was summoning MPs to go to the House of Lords to hear the Queen deliver the so-called Gracious Speech during the Opening of Parliament ceremonies.
We can safely assume that with a title like Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, Lt Gen Sir Michael Willcocks is not one to give a V sign to the Queen.
Thomas Wrath also attended Grey's Inn, and held many local as well as court offices: he was master of the musters, an influential gentleman usher to Prince Edward, a gentleman of the privy chamber, a member of a commission to enforce martial law, as well as a member of a special commission to review the courts, the Exchequer, and other bodies; his duties included the review of moneys owed to and by the Crown.
Duchess of Malfi, The Gentleman Usher, and many other plays elaborate,
Gentleman Usher to the Stalls: Usually the most senior peer still able to walk, he shows people their seats with a torch.
An official called the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod then knocks three times on the Commons door.
The Earls of Northumberland employed a considerable staff including steward of the household, purse bearer, foreign paymaster, clerk to the kitchen, gentleman of horse, gentleman usher, and disburser of apparel.