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n.1.The state of being gentlemanly; gentlemanly conduct or manners.
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Watson, but Watson, instead of seeing that it was a rebuke, accepted the title as a tribute to his gentlemanliness.
From her life's experience gathered in various "business houses" the good woman had taken into her retirement an ideal of gentlemanliness as exhibited by the patrons of private-saloon bars.
Mariana even says that Enrique only got away with it because he was so handsome, and because he was generally regarded as the embodiment of gentlemanliness ("por excelencia le llamaban el Caballero"), whereas his rival was utterly cruel (17.
modern manliness, and indeed modern gentlemanliness, of Lynette, with no
The investigating officer highlighted several witness statements that "best expressed the lack of officership and gentlemanliness on Maj.
Historians need to be careful not to conflate the very real social and cultural distinctions that differentiated aristocratic and bourgeois ideas of masculinity and gentlemanliness.
Part of it was due to Clarke's own gentlemanliness on the field and his emphasis on performances, not words.
Having (o)uttered the word, other images that jumped to mind included old fashioned gentlemanliness, the rescue of a fragile woman (the damsel in distress) and courteously pulling out of chairs and holding of doors.
See also ABBOTT, supra note 8, at 137 (describing the professional strategy of "drawing power from without" though "alliance with a particular social class, a strategy usually preferred by elite professions": "In such a case, a profession draws both its recruits and its clients from the upper classes, locates its training in the elite universities or similar settings, and affects an ethic of stringent gentlemanliness.
His interest in these characters lies in staging the performance of a gentlemanliness beneath which the darkest secrets are harbored in a manner that renders them alluring and often sympathetic" (128).
We achieve character, personality, gentlemanliness in order to make our lives an art and bring our souls into relation with the whole scheme of things, which is the divine nature.
His principled, consistent, and breathtakingly courageous stance for freedom over the decades, his integrity, his courtesy and gentlemanliness, under even the rudest, most ignorant attacks, have converted legions from their faith in Leviathan.