Geoffrey of Monmouth

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Geof·frey of Mon·mouth

 (jĕf′rē; mŏn′məth) 1100?-1154.
English chronicler whose semihistorical Historia Regum Britanniae (c. 1139) popularized Arthurian legend and contains the source material for several of Shakespeare's plays.

Geoffrey of Monmouth

(Biography) ?1100–54, Welsh bishop and chronicler; author of Historia Regum Britanniae, the chief source of Arthurian legends

Geof′frey of Mon′mouth

(ˈdʒɛf ri)
1100?–1154, English chronicler.
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Noun1.Geoffrey of Monmouth - Welsh chronicler who wrote an account of the kings of Britain which is now believed to contain little historical fact but it is a source of the Arthurian legend (circa 1100-1154)