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1. geographer.
2. geographic; geographical.
3. geography.
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Following the GEOG 900 workshop, the project's second phase emerged from partnering with The Young Scientists Academy (YSA) of the UND School of Engineering and Mines, on August 1, 2007.
Geog Professor of Religious Studies at LeMoyne College, may have written the kind of revelatory monograph that comes along once in a generation.
The possibility of creating a middle space between a traditional and an online course drew us to the creation of a weblog for GEOG 207W at Western Oregon University.
Furthermore, the negative correlation between INSCHO, INS, and GEOG implies that Chinese listed companies incorporated in coastal areas appear to be less likely to use property insurance than their counterparts in inland areas.
With DJ Luck & MC Neat, kc & dazz norman, Andy Chambers, Cosmic, Lyrical and Geog.
And now with native title applications, geog raphical knowledge that was in danger of disappearing has a new significance across the continent.
By Minkowski's inequality, GEOG is bounded between -2 and 0.
Paton is wise enough to recognise that with players like Richard Gough, Brian Laudrup, Geog Albertz, Joachim Bjorkland and of course Gazza, on the field Rangers aren't exactly sitting ducks.
Bellafiore is the co-author of Penn State's GEOG 885 World Campus course, "Advanced Analytic Methods for the Geospatial Intelligence Professional," contributor to "The Learner's Guide to Geospatial Analysis," and co-developer of a new business location intelligence course.
The Sierra Madre is located between the Pacific Coastal Plain and the Central Depression (La Geog.
One early example of a GE-level mapping course was GEOG 1501, The Language of Maps, created in the 1980s by Dr.