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A large design or drawing created on the surface of the earth, as by positioning stones or removing earth or surface rock to create lines or spaces that contrast with the surrounding terrain.
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By connecting the end point of all the lines extending from the geoglyph, the territory claimed by the originator of the geoglyph could be determined.
Historical Considerations and Contextualizations of Geoglyph Research in Chile
Leading geoglyph scientist Alceu Ranzi said that his latest discoveries - five sets of geometric shapes, with circles, squares and lines - can measure more than a mile from one extreme to another.
It's a project that will serve the whole area in general, to avoid events such like the one last January, when rainwater accumulated and drained, covering with layers of clay the geoglyph called La Mano (The Hand)," Mario Olaechea, resident archaeologist, INC, told LivingInPeru.
Tomasz Gorka of Munich University in Germany analyzed five geoglyph complexes near the city of Palpa, focusing on the large trapezoidal structures that are etched on the plains there.
Key words: Geoghlyphs, llama caravans, prehistoric traffic, transitory campsites, geoglyph dating.
pe/es/comunicacion/noticia/comunicado-ministerio-de-cultura-denuncia-penalmente-chofer-de-camion-que) Ministry of Culture , "the truck left in its path deep tracks in an approximate area of 50 x 100 meters, affecting the surface of the pampa and part of three geoglyphs (straight lines).
Photo released by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture showing the damage inflicted by a truck that illegally entered over a sector of the ancient geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines
On the vast pampas of Nazca Jumana, mysterious lines and geoglyphs form geometric patterns as well the figures of animals, anthropomorphic beings, and plants, among others.
The sprawling virtual museum of explanation-defying artifacts and phenomena features ancient geoglyphs, stone circles, giant images scraped in remote patches of ground, the transportation of massive works of stone, and other such mindbogglers scattered across the world.
The geoglyphs of the north Chilean desert: an archaeological and artistic perspective.
One doesn't expect geology or a search for lost cultures to appear in the context of a writer's search for self; but one of the pleasures of Orb Stones & Geoglyphs lies in Daniel A.