geographic north

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geographic north

(Physical Geography) another name for true north

ge·o·graph·ic north

The direction from any point on Earth toward the North Pole. Also called true north. Compare magnetic north.
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Og and Joy Amazu, along with their young daughters Aimee and Monica, travelled to the Geographic North Pole from Barneo today, where the parents skydived from 10,000 feet onto the ice, with Og then diving under the icecap to walk upside down on the actual site of the Geographic North Pole.
Boffins hope the Ice Warrior Quest - to a point 200 miles beyond the geographic North Pole - will gather invaluable research into climate change.
It is over 200 miles further than the Geographic North Pole.
Charlie, 43, was part of the first British team to walk unsupported to the geographic North Pole from Canada.
Under recently appointed NMHG Sales President David Furman, Hyster and Yale sales teams are being aligned under three geographic North American regions--as well as Latin America and national accounts.
Various expeditions followed, like photographing polar bears on Norway's Svalbard archipelago, until Hadow set his sights on the seemingly impossible - trekking solo and unsupported from the top of Canada to the geographic North Pole.
Canada will meet the December 6 deadline for filing an application to the United Nations to extend its northern sea boundary and also include the geographic North Pole, News24 reports.
In February next year, Mark join two fellow polar explorers to embark on an attempt to trek across the polar icecap, from the Canadian coastline to the Geographic North without a resupply.
Finally, there is nothing more satisfying than completing the race on the geographic North Pole.
CYPRIOT businessman and philanthropist Nasos Ktorides completed the world's coolest and most northerly marathon, parking the flags of Cyprus and Greece at the Geographic North Pole.
Guinness World Records reveal Alicia Hempleman-Adams, born on November 8, 1989, stood at the faced geographic North Pole aged eight years and 173 days on May 1, 1998.

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