geographic north

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geographic north

(Physical Geography) another name for true north

ge·o·graph·ic north

The direction from any point on Earth toward the North Pole. Also called true north. Compare magnetic north.
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Most recently, the company announced its sponsorship of the first ever all-female EuroArabian North Pole expedition departing in April from the Arabian Peninsula and arriving 10-days later at the geographic North Pole.
The striking environmentally friendly 270-passenger, 30,000 gross tonnage ship will be built at the Vard yard in Norway for delivery in 2021 and will take passengers to the true geographic North Pole, the Weddell Sea, the Ross Sea and Peter I Island.
There's the Geographic North Pole, where the lines meet; the Geomagnetic North; the Magnetic North, where the compass points, and if you get to it, it points down; and then there's the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility.
From Svalbard, the marathon runners were flown to the North Pole by a Russian Antonov transport jet that landed on Camp Barneo very close to the geographic North Pole at 90 degrees north latitude-as far north as north can be.
Anisa al Raisi, a fitness fanatic and instructor at Outward Bound Oman, will be part of a unique 12-member, all female, Euro-Arabian team that aims to ski to the geographic North Pole in what will be a record-making expedition of personal, national and global 'firsts' in april 2017.
This volume examines the American exploration of Franz Josef Land between 1898 and 1905, when three expeditions launched from the archipelago in attempt to reach the geographic North Pole, but ended in failure: the Wellman expedition run by Walter Wellman, a Chicago journalist and bon vivant in search of fame; the Baldwin-Ziegler expedition, led by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin, a Midwestern government meteorologist; and the Fiala-Ziegler expedition, run by Anthony Fiala, a photographer and graphic artist in search of God.
Coventry's Mark Wood, 50, reached the geographic North Pole on Monday after completing a ten-day expedition to raise awareness of the extent of global warming.
Because of its open architecture, JIM-LR can be associated with a laser designator or Sterna, a geographic North seeker developed and built by Sagem.
Boffins hope the Ice Warrior Quest - to a point 200 miles beyond the geographic North Pole - will gather invaluable research into climate change.
It is over 200 miles further than the Geographic North Pole.
The compass points to the magnetic north, not true geographic North Pole.
Under recently appointed NMHG Sales President David Furman, Hyster and Yale sales teams are being aligned under three geographic North American regions--as well as Latin America and national accounts.

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