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To proceed from the survey materials to the topographic map, and, more importantly, basic geographical map, one should understand the region in the geographical sense during the survey itself (Krasovskii 1932).
Geographical Map Interface for Remotely Monitored Applications.
According to him, the website has links to "The Amman Message" and "Jordan Tourism Board" websites, in addition to quick links about Jordan, including the National Anthem of the Kingdom, geographical map, culture and religions as well as information about the embassy's tasks and duties.
Developed by Groundhog Technologies, the geolocation application incorporates Google Earth 3D visualization, which enhances operators' analytical capability on the geographical map.
For example, the contact book in the key enriches each address with a geographical map provided by an online service.
Visibility Grid also provides geo-profiling by plotting the patterns of unseen, missing and runaway children on a geographical map.
The TIS hardware captures and records driver events through the use of inertial sensors, a GPS receiver and an onboard geographical map database.
Much like a geographical map, a Business Map is a mechanism for sharing knowledge.
Lithium InterActive's REST API opens up all of the data in the communities to empower customers and end-users to develop their own dynamic mash-ups in a controlled and secure manner, such as displaying a geographical map of users' locations by product interest, integrating community topics with a support trouble ticket system, or tying together personas and user profiles from other blogs and social-networks.
Shoppers can also use a geographical map of the United States and Canada for the quick list of dealerships in any state or province.
The DETECTrack system will create a geographical map of railroad tracks comprised of proprietary explosives sensors which will be installed along the tracks.

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