Geometrical progression

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That's geometrical progression - you know how that piles up.
He also downplayed reform efforts of al-Attabani, saying "we are all reformists" and stressed that the NCP is attracting large numbers of new members, saying that their numbers are multiplying by a geometrical progression.
k], of the variables are in geometrical progression, whereas the codified ones are in arithmetical progression.
The machine tools industry is growing in a geometrical progression and demand is set to get stronger with a number of Gulf states setting up manufacturing industries, according to MidTech Engineering Solutions, a leader in machine tools.
Jefferson wrote that, below a certain point, people should be exempt from taxes and that government should "tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise.
Despite the retraction, the report began a geometrical progression of other reports linking mold with health issues, Gots said.
In order to simplify the computations, the parameters' values were established in geometrical progression and were encrypted in accordance with those displayed in tabel 1.
Despite the fact that the CDC retracted the study in 2000, its conclusion began a geometrical progression of reports linking mold and health issues, Gots said.
Even though research has revealed that violent crime is increasing in almost geometrical progression, the public outcry for the enactment of more stringent anti-crime laws has been consistently disregarded by our legislators, according to Collier.