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Noun1.Geomyidae - North American pocket gophers
mammal family - a family of mammals
genus Geomys, Geomys - type genus of the Geomyidae
pocket gopher, pouched rat, gopher - burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae having large external cheek pouches; of Central America and southwestern North America
genus Thomomys, Thomomys - western pocket gophers
Sciuromorpha, suborder Sciuromorpha - large more or less primitive rodents: squirrels; marmots; gophers; beavers; etc.
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umbrinus, Uinta chipmunk x -- -- Tamiasciurus douglasii, douglas' squirrel x -- -- Sciuridae genus et species unidentified -- 6 9 Geomyidae Thomomys bottae, Botta's pocket gopher x -- -- T.
tridecemlineatus (Mitchill), N thirteen-lined ground squirrel Tamias striatus (Linneaus), I eastern chipmunk Tamiasciurus hudsonicus N (Erxleben), red squirrel Family Geomyidae (pocket gophers) Geomys bursarius (Shaw), plains NW pocket gopher Family Castoridae (beavers) Castor canadensis Kuhl, beaver I The beaver was extirpated by 1900 but was reintroduced.
Enamel ultrastructure seems to be a fairly constant trait in the family Geomyidae (Rodentia).