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Noun1.Geomys - type genus of the GeomyidaeGeomys - type genus of the Geomyidae    
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Geomyidae, Geomyidae - North American pocket gophers
Geomys bursarius, plains pocket gopher - gopher of chiefly grasslands of central North America
Geomys pinetis, southeastern pocket gopher - gopher of Alabama and Georgia and Florida
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Keywords: Density, distribution, Geomys bursarius, plains pocket gopher, program DISTANCE
Geomys breviceps "burrows" were counted as the number of visible push-up mounds and all other burrows were enumerated by the number of actual openings at or near the soil surface.
Small mammals at Perico Creek include Spermophilus, Geomys bursarius, Ondatra zibethicus, and Microtus, none of which is shared with the rockshelter in Cimarron County.
Ectoparasites and other arthropod associates on two subspecies of plains pocket gophers: Geomys bursarius illinoensis and Geomys bursarius missouriensis.
tridecemlineatus (Mitchill), N thirteen-lined ground squirrel Tamias striatus (Linneaus), I eastern chipmunk Tamiasciurus hudsonicus N (Erxleben), red squirrel Family Geomyidae (pocket gophers) Geomys bursarius (Shaw), plains NW pocket gopher Family Castoridae (beavers) Castor canadensis Kuhl, beaver I The beaver was extirpated by 1900 but was reintroduced.
Other rodents collected at this locality were Sigmodon hispidus, Reithrodontomys fulvescens, Geomys breviceps and Ochrotomys nuttalli.
African porcupine) and Geomys bursarius (eastern pocket gopher) store and gnaw on bones, most likely to gain calcium, sodium, and phosphorus (Smith 1948; Duthie & Skinner 1986; Richards & Munson 1988; Gow 1992).
Geomys attwateri consumed significantly more plant material during summer than winter ([F.
Records for Ammospermophilus interpres, Geomys texensis and Vulpes vulpes represent range extensions.
The estrous cycle of the plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, in the laboratory.
During 3 March 2007-10 February 2008, we inserted radio transmitters into 72 Ozark pocket gophers, Geomys bursarius ozarkensis, in Izard County, Arkansas.
We were able to capture Geomys [greater than or equal to] 44 g in our trap, whereas the smallest one captured previously weighed 66 g (Sargeant, 1966).