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Noun1.George Szell - United States conductor (born in Hungary) (1897-1970)
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It was hard work, because Szell (the conductor Georg Szell (1897-1970)--editor's note) had added a lot of his own invention and as you know I give precedence to Janacek, and so for most of the rehearsal time I was getting rid of the alterations (.
The Quebec-born tenor Leopold Simoneau recorded and excelled in all of the great Mozart operatic roles for his voice range, under the likes of Herbert von Karajan, Otto Kiemperer, Sir Thomas Beecham, Georg Szell, John Pritchard and, in this case, Karl Bohm.
Eugene Ormandy, in his many years with the Philadelphia Orchestra, is the best example of the Kapellmeister, as contrasted to the flashier talents of, say, a Fritz Reiner, Georg Szell, or Leonard Bernstein.