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He studied at the George Enescu Music High-School and the Ciprian Porumbescu Music University.
One of the renowned musical events is the George Enescu Festival, honouring the great Romanian composer.
Tambien presumio que su provincia es un semillero de poetas, compositores y escritores, entre ellos Mihai Eminescu, George Enescu, Itzik Manger, Abraham Goldfaden y Rosa Ausalander.
The group of investors includes Hugh's brother Michael and the founder of Intercity Removals George Enescu.
Amir Tebenikhin is a winner of the first prize at the International Piano Competition of George Enescu held in Bucharest in 2009, the first prize of the III International Piano Competition of Anton Rubinstein held in 2007 in Dresden, the winner of numerous prestigious awards including the Grand Prix at the XIII International Piano Competition of Viana da Motta in Portugal in 1999, the Special Prize of the 56th International Piano Competition in Geneva, and obtained a diploma at the 2003 Queen Elisabeth Music Competition.
In the second half, they will fast forward 150 years to play the second quartet by their compatriot George Enescu which was completed only four years before his death in 1955.
The name conjured up images of Vlad the Impaler, Dracula and dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (who was executed in 1989)--negative images countered by classical Romanian composers such as George Enescu, mountain greenery, perky gymnasts and hard-nosed tennis players(a recent influx of female players might change that adjective to "graceful").
Tenor Stefan Pop and the Bucharest-based George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied Angela in the sold-out performance.
She also won a gold medal at the International Piano Competition in Vercelli, Italy, and honors at the International George Enescu Competition in Bucharest, Romania.
20) La fin de la guerre et l'installation des communistes au pouvoir ont pousse George Enescu sur la voie de l'exil, ou le choix naturel a ete la capitale de la France.
The biennial festival dedicated to Romania's greatest composer, George Enescu, brings some of the world's greatest musicians to the country's lovely capital, Bucharest.
While Saturday saw a repeat of the concert performed at Hope Street a week ago - Walton's violin concerto, Prokofiev and a piece by Romanian composer George Enescu himself - Sunday was an all-Russian affair, even down to the soloist.