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Noun1.George Gershwin - United States composer who incorporated jazz into classical forms and composed scores for musical comedies (1898-1937)George Gershwin - United States composer who incorporated jazz into classical forms and composed scores for musical comedies (1898-1937)
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No figure embodies the mood and music of this time like George Gershwin, a Jewish-American musical dynamo whose Rhapsody in Blue would become one of the most widely known compositions to come out of this time.
1937: George Gershwin, American composer, whose work included Rhapsody In Blue and Porgy And Bess, died aged 38 of a brain tumour.
Susan Porrett, whose TV performances include appearances in Foyle's War, Holby City and most recently, the BBC Christmas production of Mapp & Lucia, narrates the story of the life of George Gershwin.
1924: Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin was first performed in New York.
Feinstein has a particular penchant for songs written by composer George Gershwin with lyrics by George's brother Ira, and he is also fond of Fred Astaire.
On my way"; the untold story of Rouben Mamoulian, George Gershwin, and Porgy and Bess.
Performing with Vinny Raniolo the two guitarists explore an eclectic selection of their favourite songs - along with their own gypsy jazz compositions, Vignola and Raniolo share their love of Led Zeppelin and George Gershwin, Tchaikovsky, Frank Zappa, Mozart and Black Sabbath.
Choreographer Derek Deane has created a new show paying homage to American composer George Gershwin.
The first half of the show saw Wilson and his spectacularly talented live band complete with local string section, Apollo Strings, give a selection of George Gershwin classics a lush, surf-pop makeover.
Brian Wilson, the troubled founding member of The Beach Boys, tells Andy Welch how the music of George Gershwin has provided the spark to break his creative drought at the age of 68 [bar] OR a musician so obsessed with the recording process for most of his career, it's quite fitting that Brian Wilson is anxious about our interview being captured.
In this illustrated 75th anniversary volume, written with the participation of the Gershwin estate, opera producer and author Robin Thompson recounts the history of Porgy and Bess, from its roots in DuBose Heyward's novel and play Porgy, to its creation as an opera by George Gershwin in collaboration with his brothers Ira and Heyward, its debut on Broadway, its many productions on stage and screen, and is current status as a recognized masterpiece, part of the repertoire of opera companies around the world.