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 (grĕn′vĭl′, -vəl), George 1712-1770.
British political leader who as prime minister (1763-1765) instigated the Stamp Act (1765), which provoked rebellious activities in the American colonies.


, Sir Richard 1542?-1591.
English naval officer who commanded the fleet carrying the first colonists to Virginia (1585) and organized the English defense against the Spanish Armada (1588). He was killed in a battle that pitted his ship against 15 Spanish ships.


1. (Biography) George. 1712–70, British statesman; prime minister (1763–65). His policy of taxing the American colonies precipitated the War of Independence
2. (Biography) Kate. born 1950. Australian writer. Her novels include Lilian's Story (1985), The Idea of Perfection (2002), and The Secret River (2005)
3. (Biography) Sir Richard. ?1541–91, English naval commander. He was fatally wounded aboard his ship, the Revenge, during a lone battle with a fleet of Spanish treasure ships
4. (Biography) William Wyndham, Baron Grenville, son of George Grenville. 1759–1834, British statesman; prime minister (1806–07) of the coalition government known as the "ministry of all the talents"


(ˈgrɛn vɪl)

George, 1712–70, British prime minister 1763–65.
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Chancellor of the Exchequer George Grenville decided to raise revenues by taxing assorted printed matter, requiring most documents to carry an official seal (or stamp) before they could be sold in America.
Banks was called 'a modern artist' (actually in a derogatory sense) by George Grenville in 1778 and Reynolds is reported to have said that he was 'the first British sculptor who produced works of classic grace', and that his 'mind was ever dwelling on subjects worthy of an ancient Greek'.
He never aspired to the political achievements of the first three baronets: his paternal great great grandfather had been Speaker of the House of Commons; his great grandfather was a leading Welsh Jacobite; his grandfather led the Tory opposition to Walpole; and his maternal grandfather George Grenville and uncle William Wyndham (Lord) Grenville were both briefly prime ministers.
Obviously, you held Lord North responsible for prosecuting the war against America; you held George Grenville responsible for the absurd Stamp Tax; and you held Warren Hastings responsible for England's tyrannical oppression of India.
A Prologue to Revolution: The Political Career of George Grenville, 1712-1770.