George Lucas

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Noun1.George Lucas - United States screenwriter and filmmaker (born in 1944)
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The goal of the museum is to inspire people to think outside the box, to imagine whatever you want to imagine, to help build on the myths that help bind our city and our people together, and that is what I am hoping to do here,' said director George Lucas.
Jackson, asked by George Lucas to direct/act, turned him down.
Disney has plans to release Episode 7 of Star Wars in 2015, with George Lucas working as a consultant.
He was ecstatic when he received the letter from George Lucas.
And what's most miraculous about the success about Revenge of The Sith is that George Lucas is behind the camera.
Darth Vader was the first character that George Lucas created for Star Wars.
In Hollywood in the mid-1970s everyone thought young director George Lucas was a prat and his planned film, Star Wars, laughable.
The Cinema Of George Lucas is a lavish coffee-table book exploring the production process and cinematic talent behind the classic science fiction phenomenon of "Star Wars".
But, apart from launching acting careers, American Graffiti also gave George Lucas the chance to indulge two pet projects starring Harrison Ford.
The guru of digital filmmaking, Star Wars creator George Lucas, is wrapping the shoot for Star Wars Episode II in Australia.
With the new 45-minute DVD, MediaTrip has compiled a potpourri of their most popular shorts, along with an enhanced version of the original "Lucas," with "pop up trivia" relating to "Star Wars," a history on the real George Lucas, as well as a director's talk track.
Star Wars creator George Lucas is thrilled with the re-release, not just because new people will see his work, but also because Star Wars is now complete.