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Noun1.George Meredith - English novelist and poet (1828-1909)George Meredith - English novelist and poet (1828-1909)
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He formed a platonic friendship with a lady some years older than himself, who lived in Kensington Square; and nearly every afternoon he drank tea with her by the light of shaded candles, and talked of George Meredith and Walter Pater.
Beyond "Fra Lippo Lippi" and "Caliban and Setebos," he found nothing in Browning, while George Meredith was ever his despair.
In the fifth verse we shall recognise our old friend "Marriage on the ten-years system," which George Meredith suggested some years ago.
And now let us talk about George Meredith, if you please, and we shall leave all minor matters until to-morrow.
One incomparable novelist we have now in England, Mr George Meredith.
It was originally written in 1914 for piano and violin based on a poem of the same name by George Meredith.
It turned out to be a poem of the same name, by George Meredith (1828-1909), an extract of which is here: The Lark Ascending He rises and begins to round, He drops the silver chain of sound Of many links without a break, In chirrup, whistle, slur and shake All intervolved and spreading wide, Like water dimples down a tide Where ripple ripple overcurls And eddy into eddy whirls; A press of hurried notes that run So fleet they scarce are more than one And you shall hear the herb and tree, the better heart of men shall see, shall feel celestially, as long As you crave nothing save the song.
A Thomas Hardy B George Bernard Shaw C Henrik Ibsen D George Meredith 5.
A Thomas Hardy B George Bernard Shaw C Henrik Ibsen D George Meredith A American Football B Baseball C Basketball D Ice Hockey A A sheep B Abird C A lizard D A butterfly 5.
1) George Meredith, Modern Love, in Modern Love and Poems of the English Roadside, with Poems and Ballads, ed.
Peter Pan was conjured on this slope by author JM Barrie, who was in turn drawn to the area by a renowned Victorian novelist, George Meredith.
Some authors lend themselves readily to her thesis: Sterne, Gothic novelists, George Meredith.