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Noun1.George Stephenson - English railway pioneer who built the first passenger railway in 1825 (1781-1848)George Stephenson - English railway pioneer who built the first passenger railway in 1825 (1781-1848)
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Lydia Bamford represented George Stephenson High School for the first time in the under-52kgs category and also secured a gold medal.
Plans will see more than 700 jobs lost on Grange Road and Russell Street in Middlesbrough, and from George Stephenson House in Thornaby as part of a cost-cutting campaign.
The National Trust caused outcry earlier this year when it closed the birthplace of railway pioneer George Stephenson at Wylam, Northumberland, citing rising costs and falling visitor numbers as reasons for the closure.
The initial 1823 survey for the line was carried out by William James but was considered defective and in 1824 George Stephenson was appointed engineer in his place.
The trials were won by George Stephenson, with his famous Rocket locomotive.
LNE and EM Route, 4th Floor, George Stephenson House
Here in Coventry, the only son of George Stephenson - nicknamed the 'Father of Railways' - set about constructing a viaduct over the River Sherbourne to allow the trains to cross towards Rugby.
Members of the new Walsall 4N evening group met for the first time this week at the George Stephenson pub in Reedswood Way.
In a hot and humid atmosphere, conditions in complete contrast to those associated with the winter game, a party of players were out doing light loosening-up, running and walking exercises around the track, watched by the manager Mr George Stephenson and the trainer Mr Jack Martin.
The letter by George Stephenson to his son, Robert, who was working as a mining engineer in Colombia, was selected for the Unesco UK Memory of the World Register.
In 1990 he was replaced by inventor George Stephenson.
Three England shirts and caps won by George Stephenson, who made 95 appearances for Villa in the 1920s are expected to fetch up to pounds 5,000 when they are auctioned at Christie's in London tomorrow.