George Stevens

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Noun1.George Stevens - United States filmmaker (1905-1975)
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The most difficult and traumatizing wartime experiences are tied to George Stevens, and they weren't all in combat.
Critique: Impressively well researched and exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Giant: George Stevens, A Life On Film" is a seminal study that should be a part of every academic library's Cinema History reference collection and supplemental studies reading lists.
Letters published in a new book charting his life reveal he wrote to double Oscar-winning director George Stevens asking for 200 dollars so he could make his way back to Hollywood.
According to George Stevens, spokesman for ForeignTRADEX, the soon to be born marketplace will be search integrated with IndustrialCOOP.
From left, Deborah Rutter, David Rubenstein, Tom Hanks, State Department Sec John Kerry, Patricia McBride, Sting, Al <B Green, Lily Tomlin, Michael Stevens, Teresa Heinz Kerry and George Stevens Jr.
The early results apparently were encouraging enough that the committee co-chairs, George Stevens Jr.
Throughout the book, Harris also movingly tells the grim effects the war had on the filmmakers, who included George Stevens, John Huston and Frank Capra.
The awards were presented to honorary Oscar winners Jeffrey Katzenberg, stuntman Hal Needham, documentarian DA Pennebaker and American Film Institute founding director George Stevens Jr.
The three others selected by the panel were George Stevens, Edward Topham, Captain Martin Becher.
They are joined by Edward Topham, Captain Martin Becher and George Stevens.
George Stevens, Cheswick Green nWHAT I saw was a large demonstration, almost entirely of Muslims, some with their faces covered, demonstrating in a very aggressive manner and chanting "Smash the BNP".
From left) Amanda Lewis, George Stevens and Pat McGee outside University Hospital in Coventry.