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Noun1.George Washington - 1st President of the United StatesGeorge Washington - 1st President of the United States; commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution (1732-1799)
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When Becky told her father, in strict confidence, how Tom had taken her whipping at school, the Judge was visibly moved; and when she pleaded grace for the mighty lie which Tom had told in order to shift that whipping from her shoulders to his own, the Judge said with a fine outburst that it was a noble, a generous, a mag- nanimous lie -- a lie that was worthy to hold up its head and march down through history breast to breast with George Washington's lauded Truth about the hatchet
One of the great lamentations of American historians is the dearth of knowledge about George Washington's childhood.
They performed words and songs around the theme of individual and national independence at George Washington's ancestral home.
Tim Griffin, George Washington's Assistant Supply Officer.
The transition had been tremendously smooth, and it's clear that we're passing an enormous milestone toward reaching USS George Washington's ultimate forward deployment assignment to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans," said Wren.
In the vast majority of yards, George Washington's extreme willfulness would not have met its match.
Cassie Strange, the All-Santa Clarita Valley Player of the Year last season, also reached the singles final at the Georgetown event, losing 6-4, 6-4 to George Washington's Kendall Swanson.
Edward Lengel delves into George Washington's military history to illustrate Washington as a man who, unlike General Robert E.
River Farm Chaste Tree: River Farm was George Washington's boyhood home until he inherited Mount Vernon from his brother at age 11.
What sets Marc Stockwell-Moniz's George Washington's Unsung Heroes apart from the others is an emphasis on the ordinary people who involved themselves in carrying out the campaigns that led to the founding of the United States of America.
MAKING INFERENCES: How did George Washington's experience during the French and Indian War help prepare him to later lead the Continental Army?
The legislators had gathered for the annum reading of George Washington's 1790 letter to the synagogue vowing that the religious freedom rights of Jews would be protected in the United States.

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