Georgi Zhukov

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Noun1.Georgi Zhukov - Soviet general who during World Warr II directed the counteroffensive at Stalingrad and relieved Leningrad and captured Berlin (1896-1974)
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The act of surrender was signed again in Berlin the following day before Marshal Georgi Zhukov, representing the Russian High Command.
Khrushchev's 1956 "secret speech" repudiated the legacy of Joseph Stalin's reign but did not bring Khrushchev any real degree of power (he withstood a 1957 purge attempt with the help of legendary soldier Marshal Georgi Zhukov, who had supportive Central Committee members flown to Moscow in Red Air Force bombers for a key showdown).
Stalin and his generals, principally Ivan Konev and Georgi Zhukov, get Hastings' highest marks as warfighters and post-conflict architects.