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Of or relating to analysis of geographical data from multiple sources and technologies, using statistical methods and often resulting in computer visualization of locations under study.


of or relating to the relative position of things on the earth's surface
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There is no course available that is dedicated to training Army personnel to use geospatial data for planning or conducting operations at the tactical level.
To learn more about Bentley's leading geospatial solutions, attend the upcoming live eSeminar, presented by Styli Camateros, on advancing GIS for infrastructure.
SANZ is a specialized storage and geospatial data management firm focused exclusively on the design, deployment and support of intelligent data management.
The USGIF Awards and Scholarship Programs highlights the important contributions students, professionals, companies and government agencies are making in the geospatial intelligence discipline," said Shea.
Over the years, the group has carved a niche for itself as one of the highest-quality, most cost-effective service providers in the engineering data services and geospatial data services domain.
In-Q-Tel's support of TerraGo is validation of the increasing importance of using GeoPDF to distribute and collaborate on geospatial data and confirms the advantages of a tool that can be used anywhere, anytime by anyone.
Said Peter Taylor, "After stringent testing and evaluation, we determined that Bentley provides the most comprehensive and best-integrated portfolio of AEC and geospatial solutions.
For more information about Intergraph's geospatial technologies, visit booths 7 and 8, or visit www.
Through the new eMaps system, workflows have been automated, ensuring that all geospatial data is current and accurate.
Reaching 100 Members is a great achievement not only for the Foundation, but for the entire geospatial intelligence tradecraft," said USGIF President and Chairman K.
GeoIRIS makes use of computationally intense feature extraction algorithms, content-based image retrieval techniques, high-dimensional indexing structures and several other technologies to provide relevant retrieval of geospatial intelligence information.
Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that Infotech Enterprises, a leading India-based provider of geospatial and engineering design services to the utilities, telecom, transportation, government, and manufacturing industries worldwide, has joined Bentley's Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) program.

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