Ter Borch

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Ter Borch

(Dutch tɛr ˈbɔrx) or


(Biography) Gerard (ˈxeːrɑrt). 1617–81, Dutch genre and portrait painter

Ter Borch

or Ter•borch

(tərˈbɔrk, -ˈbɔrx)

also Ter•burg

(-ˈbɜrg, -ˈbʊərx)

Gerard, 1617–81, Dutch painter.
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The second example Carroll uses (2011, 131) is the painting Instruction Patemelle (The Paternal Admonition) by Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681).
Look how he used his thumb to suggest the gold buttons--and look how painstakingly Gerard ter Borch painted the same jacket in the portrait next to it
Gerard ter Borch and others often paid tribute to the dictum "spiritual purity starts with a clean body.
Inspired by the painter Gerard ter Borch, both Vermeer and Metsu were intrigued by the possibility of capturing the well-to-do at a slight remove, often alone or engaged in intimate exchanges about which we know enough to be intrigued but not enough to be certain.