German sausage

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a polony, or gut stuffed with meat partly cooked.

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I knew a couple of elderly spinsters once who had a sort of German sausage on legs which they called a dog between them.
You can't tell whether you are eating apple-pie or German sausage, or strawberries and cream.
Snagsby are touched up with a wet cloth, the best tea-service is set forth, and there is excellent provision made of dainty new bread, crusty twists, cool fresh butter, thin slices of ham, tongue, and German sausage, and delicate little rows of anchovies nestling in parsley, not to mention new-laid eggs, to be brought up warm in a napkin, and hot buttered toast.
In a tight sky-blue suit that made his arms and legs like German sausages, or roly-poly puddings, he was the merriest and most miserable of all the boys.
And of course nothing to do with Germany and eating is ever complete without some German sausage and Gluhwein (mulled wine).
There's a platinum ticket for PS30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with free entry to our Oompah Show, guaranteed seating, waitress service, pretzel, shot, Stein of Premium Haus Beer, Cider or Cocktail, Authentic German sausage meal Pre-ordering: Yes, with the bookings team www.
During the rides, we nibbled and snacked on bread, cereal bars, German sausage and Coke throughout the day, most of which I tend to avoid in everyday life back home but very much needed at the time.
The family-run pork butchers which has been a stalwart on the regional food scene since 1953, is more famous for producing the smoked saveloy, a highly seasoned North east take on a German sausage that has become something of a local institution, with the firm producing an astonishing 50,000 every week.
So what I do now is buy bu a German sausage and chop it up with the beans and rice, so at least it's n| all o| atin.
The new Garlic Pepper Brat-wurst Sausage Kit blends garlic, pepper, spices and seasoning to produce a mouth-watering traditional German sausage.
It boasts a fountain, a bakery and, appropriately, a butcher's shop selling wurst - German sausage.
Also, in early 2007 the German sausage producer Reinert inaugurated a meat processing unit in Feldioara, Brasov County.