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 (jər-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
An ancient region of central Europe corresponding largely with present-day Germany but extending west into the Low Countries and what is now northeast France. The portions of Germania west of the Rhine and south of the Danube were conquered and colonized by the Roman Empire, while most of the land to the east and north of those rivers remained largely in the hands of Germanic tribes.
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Billy saw her home, kissed her at the gate, and got her consent to go with him to the dance at Germania Hall on Friday night.
Next day, at the ironing boards, Mary told her that she and Bert were dated for Germania Hall.
ZagrosJet, Germania, and Iraqi Airways have been asked to suspend operations from northern Iraq to Sweden following a directive from the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen), with immediate effect.
GFMIA and its subsidiary companies, Germania Insurance Company, Germania Select Insurance Company, Germania Fire & Casualty Company, Texas Heritage Insurance Company, and Germania Life Insurance Company, comprise the Germania Companies.
Vorbericht fiber die Ausgrabungen 1996-1997 im Oppidum von Manching, Germania 76: 619-72.
A police search of his home also found Nazi videos, called Fatherland and Germania.
On March 5, 1888, Elizabeth Forster, nee Nietzsche, glided down the Aguaraya umi, a branch off the silted River Paraguay, into her tiny anti-Semite settlement of Nueva Germania.
A case in point was the Germania Musical Society, an orchestra that specifically sailed for America "in order to enflame and stimulate in the hearts of these politically free people, through numerous performances of our greatest instrumental composers.
Augustus orders Tiberius to abandon his conquest of Germania.
In German, Germania Express has Leased three aircraft to Air Berlin, transferring three routes along with them.
Soon after we can arrive in Germany where this Italian export is seen diffusing into the cultural bloodstream in three articles on nation-building humanism: Ulrich Muhlack, "The Project of the Germania illustrata, a Paradigm for the Diffusion of Humanism?
Trouble arises on the continent and he is transferred to Germania to deal with other barbarians.