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A specialist in the study of German or Germanic culture, literature, or language.


(ˈdʒɜr mə nɪst)

a specialist in the study of German culture, literature, or linguistics.
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Noun1.Germanist - a specialist in the study of Germanic language or culture or literature
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
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Over several years, the Liberec-based poet and Germanist Pavel Novotny recorded passengers travelling on the unique Liberec-Jablonce nad Nisou intercity train line.
Angelica Fenner, a Germanist, has charted the marginalization of Turkish-German figures as objects of pity in the New German Cinema and Deniz Gokturk (also a German film specialist) has shown how Akin is part of a wave that moves past this by producing cinematic images of Turkish-German figures performing "hybrid identities" (Fenner, "Turkish Cinema in the New Europe"; Gokturk, "Turkish Delight" and "Beyond Paternalism").
As a Germanist, I had hoped Knigge might prove this "red thread" to be more significant.
Given the interdisciplinary nature of this project, it should come as no surprise that Fehn (who passed away in 1989) was a Germanist by trade, as is Seelig, while Hallmark and Thym are musicologists.
Germanist Rabault-Feuerhahn's L'archive des origines shows that, even in Germany, where comparative linguistics was a dominant strand represented primarily by the Berlin school initiated by Bopp, there was a competing and coexisting camp led by the Bonn school of August Wilhelm Schlegel and Christian Lassen, who prioritized literature and culture.
As a Germanist by profession, and an old historicist by intellectual habitus, I find Emden's treatment of Nietzsche in context (reservations aside) especially rewarding and exciting.
Yet through it all, Kramer's training as a Germanist shows through in intriguing ways.
presents a major monograph on the origins and contents of the 20 volumes of The German Classics (1913- 1915) by noted American Germanist Francke.
Von Hause aus Theaterwissenschaftler und Germanist ist er seit 1995 Direktor des Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestivals, aber das nur nebenbei.
The works addressed here are assembled under the loose rubric'Early Writings on Philosophy and the Arts, and reflect the proto-theological interests of Balthasar's training as a Germanist (his academic training was in this distinctively teutonic discipline to which, sadly, we don't have a direct equivalent in Britain, and in which the life of the German mind is studied in both literary and philosophical aspects).
Napoleon's victory over the Austrians at Ulm," the Germanist and historian Claudio Magris told me in an interview in Trieste in that same 1989, "was the victory of modern Europe of unification over the old Hapsburg-Danubian Europe of separate states, of the totalizer over the particular.
Despite the pious thoroughness of Germanist scholars, Goethe opened the vertiginous experience of a suspended transcendence of the work.