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One who admires Germany, its people, and its culture.

Ger·man′o·phile′ adj.


(dʒɜːˈmænəˌfaɪl) or


a person having admiration for or devotion to Germany and the Germans
Germanophilia n


(dʒərˈmæn əˌfaɪl)

a person who favors, admires, or studies Germany, Germans, or German culture.


a person who is especially attracted to or interested in Germany, its people, culture, etc.
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[dʒɜːˈmænəfaɪl] Ngermanófilo/a m/f
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El mundo de afuera tells the story of the kidnapping of Don Diego, a Colombian Germanophile who admires Wagner's operas.
Son successeur, presente comme un germanophile et un germanophobe, Emmanuel Macron, a la difficile tache de retablir un equilibre precaire qui passe necessairement par les reformes de toutes les divergences franco-francaises cautionnees par le gouvernement Valls.
Genscher says he met Putin twice, a Germanophile, to broker Khodorkovsky's release to Germany, where the prisoner's mother was at the time undergoing medical treatment, before returning more recently to Moscow.
And Ayrault's background as a Germanophile and German-language speaker should also prove useful in building ties with France's powerful neighbour and in tackling Hollande's goal of reshaping Europe's economic policies.
Germanophile Jean-Marc Ayrault is expected to be named as Prime Minister and the rest of the government should be unveiled on Wednesday.
The Socialists' leader in the lower house, Jean-Marc Ayrault, a Germanophile tipped for a government post if Hollande wins, said the new EU treaty was incomplete.
She could not shake the suspicion that he was surrounded by germanophile bankers and single-minded men of commerce, or the conviction that his judgment was flawed--unable to "distinguish between a statesman and an unscrupulous scoundrel," worse a madman, "crazy.
As a result, the Germanophile Untermyer and his family were particularly vulnerable after the outbreak of World War I, and even more so after America entered the war on the side of the Entente against the Central Powers.
Processes by which a culture like that of Britain tends now toward being more Francophile, now more Germanophile finally cannot be represented only by one synchronic slice or through one ideological optic.
They were directed against a Germanophile professor of literature, Cesare de Lollis, and another scholar, Giuseppe Chiovenda, whose lectures in civil law were considered too pacifist.
A longstanding Germanophile, Pius XII was nonetheless anti-Nazi.
A convinced Germanophile (at least until what he regarded as the unpardonable German act of sinking the neutral ship Lusitania in 1915), (9) Royce brought German idealism to the American academic scene, drawing above all on Immanuel Kant ("the good father," in Royce's homage) (10) and later the G.